Theft is the act of stealing; the taking of your personal property with the intent to deprive you of the ownership. Vandalism is malicious destruction of your property. If you experienced a burglary you more than likely had items taken from you and your property had vandalism; broken glass, doors frames, drywall, etc.

Experiencing a burglary is stressful for homeowners and renters, regardless of what was taken or damaged. The first step to take after a burglary is to call the police, who will investigate and compile a report listing all items stolen. It is up to you to assist the police in their work and ensure that everything in the report is accurate. Later, if you find that other items are missing, you will need to phone the police to ensure that the report can be updated.

You will also need to notify your insurance company about the burglary or home invasion and file an insurance claim based on the value of the items that have been stolen. The insurance company will check with the police to ensure that a report has been filed and will use that report to make the decision over the amount of money to be paid out against the policy. If you update the police report, you will need to inform your insurance company.

We will help you file an insurance claim and any supplemental claims to help recover the total cost of everything that has been broken, damaged or stolen from a burglary. Recovery Insurance Adjusters is there to help you solve the problem.