Promptly report the loss to the insurance company, or even easier, call Recovery Insurance Adjusters and we will immediately report the claim for you when you retain our services.

Public Adjusters work up an itemized estimate of all the damages to your property, as well as a physical inventory of your personal property in order to make sure all provisions of your policy produce the maximum benefit for you, the policy holder. The report generated by our trained adjuster can make a significant difference in the amount of the final adjustment.

Compensation is based upon a percentage of the Insurance Company’s settlement and the Public Adjuster is not paid until you are paid. There are no up-front fees for this service.

Initially, there is NO COST for the consultation at your property. We then work on a contingency fee basis, if there is NO RECOVERY, there is NO FEE. We only get paid when we deliver results for you. There is no risk to you or your finances. The only risk you have is not having us file your claim, thereby possibly receiving a lesser settlement.

Insurance company adjusters represent the insurance company. As Public Adjusters, Recovery Insurance Adjusters works exclusively for the insured policyholder. Using our experience, expertise and knowledge, our goal is to obtain a more equitable and favorable claim award for YOU.

No! An insurance agent is a salesperson usually trained in sales, not in adjusting claims.

Yes! A Public Insurance Adjuster must be tested, licensed, bonded, and authorized to practice his/her profession.

Many people have difficulty understanding the technical language of the insurance policy and the complicated procedures they must follow to comply with the policy’s terms. Most people do not realize that the insurance company adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the insurance company which employs them. You can protect YOUR interests by employing a public adjuster whose sole responsibility is to serve you, the insured.

Yes, but are you truly qualified and knowledgeable with the specialized expertise to ensure that you are receiving your full entitlements? It is important to remember that the insurance company has an expert representing them; don’t you deserve the benefit of an expert representing you?

Examples to consider:

  • Do you repair your own car or do you take it to a trained mechanic who has the knowledge and experience to do the repairs fully and correctly?
  • If you are dealing with a legal matter, do you represent yourself, or, do you hire an Attorney who is an expert in the particular field of law that is in question?

If you have a medical need, do you treat yourself, or, do you visit a doctor who is an expert in treating your condition?