Public insurance adjusters are independent insurance professionals. Their sole priority is to advocate for you, your family, and your property in the unfortunate event that you’re required to make a claim with your insurance company. They’re the only property loss professionals who will work on your behalf rather than on the behalf of your insurance company.

Many policyholders are unaware of the option to leverage a public insurance adjuster during the claims process. You will need to have a full understanding of how they operate before beginning the process of a residential claim.

Will a Public Insurance Adjuster Come to My Home to Survey Damage?

Yes! Indeed, complimentary evaluations are available.

A majority of public adjusters have prior experience within the realm of professional construction and other similar fields. Some have even worked “on the inside” as staff adjusters for major insurance companies before deciding to work in the public sector.

Your public adjuster will leverage their prior experience, their knowledge about the claims process, and a variety of sophisticated software to perform an independent evaluation of your property and any damage done to it.

Also, they will spend a significant amount of time on your property. Recording findings from inspections can take time. Further. adjusters will check for evidence that substantiates the claims you’ve made. They will document and substantiate as much of what you’ve said as possible, so anticipate your adjuster taking their time.

Will a Public Insurance Adjuster Deal With My Insurance Company?

Yes– again!

One of the more difficult parts of filing a claim through insurance is struggling to communicate with your insurance company. Indeed, it could start to feel like endless games of phone tag, infinite time spent on hold, and one long test of patience.

That’s why a public insurance adjuster can be so beneficial to the average property owner. Your public adjuster will help with the unrelenting, go-between work of filing and refuting claims and payout offers.

A public insurance adjuster can help you avoid roadblocks and troubles that are born of inexperience with the insurance industry. They can also help cut back on the effort you personally have to spend on what is traditionally a time-consuming and laborious task.

What Are Some of the Types of Claims That Public Insurance Adjusters Will Work On?

Public insurance adjusters will work on a variety of claims. In fact, some of these include:

  • Fire and smoke claims
  • Water damage claims
  • Tornado damage claims
  • Storm damage claims
  • Roof claims
  • Hurricane claims
  • Collapse claims
  • Hail claims
  • Breaking and entering claims

Won’t My Insurance Company’s Adjuster Deal With This?

Yes and no.

An adjuster sent by your insurance company will be responsible for inspecting your residential claim and assessing any damage that it’s sustained.

However, they’ll more than likely be working in the best interest of your insurance company, not you. A second opinion never hurts; and a public insurance adjuster will be your advocate throughout the claims process.

Learn More About Your Residential Claim

If your property has suffered damage and you’d like to leverage the expertise of a public insurance adjuster, contact Recovery Insurance Adjusters today. Indeed, our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the assistance you deserve to continue life as normal. Between our experienced, empathetic adjusters and our dedicated office team working behind the scenes back home, we’re sure to find a solution that will benefit you.